Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Assurance program is built upon proven practices and disciplined Task Order (TO) Management Processes. Used by our mentor company, BAE Systems, these QA policies have been used for over 50 years in successfully managing and delivering high quality products and services on large ID/IQ Task Order contracts.

Sayres will develop tailored Quality Assurance Plans for the appropriate Task Orders or other appropriate grouping of contracted work. A designated Management Representative will provide independent verification of compliance to the plan. The tailoring of the Quality Assurance Plan and client requirements for Task Orders will ensure delivery of high quality products and services.

Sayres has experience in quality assurance programs that included nuclear weapons programs, naval nuclear propulsion programs, commercial nuclear power productions, and the use of six sigma methods of commercial manufacturing.

Our Approach to Responsiveness and Cooperation

Sayres and Associates is a small business and our relationship with our customers, employees, and team members is essential. Customers can be assured in receiving responses and services when interacting with Sayres and Associates through our managed approach of our relationships. Our programs will establish clear lines of responsibility from our executive management to those performing the work.

We recognizes good communication is critical to effective project management and successful performance. To accomplish this, Sayres will meet regularly with the Customer and Team Members allowing all parties direct input.

When urgent issues are identified, the Task Leader associated with the impacted TO will notify the Program Manager (PM) assigned to the work. The PM, in turn, notifies our contract administrator. The Program manager, Task Leader, and contract administrator will review the work plan adapt any pre-determined contingency plans and risk mitigation strategies to meet the urgent requirements.

Recently Sayres received a past performance rating from an independent evaluator named Open Ratings. This evaluation was in preparation for Sayres to submit a proposal to the General Services Administration for a multi-award schedule. Sayres’ customer references indicate outstanding past performance to Open Ratings during a survey process. Sayres and Associates Corporation was certified as a Top 20% Performer based on the Past Performance Evaluation survey responses of its reference customers. Sayres and Associates Corporation score of 94/100 demonstrates outstanding overall customer satisfaction relative to similar companies. Each year, Open Ratings helps thousands of companies secure contracts with large purchasing organizations such as the GSA by verifying their performance with Past Performance Evaluations. The customer satisfaction metrics that are evaluated include; reliability, cost, order accuracy, delivery/timeliness, quality, business relations, personnel, customer support, and responsiveness. The Past Performance Evaluation score is based on the survey feedback of between four and twenty verified references. The Top 20% rating is relative to similar companies during the same time period.

Approach to Problem Resolution

We understand that sometimes even with the best communication, problems will arise. We will work with our Customers to resolve their concerns to both our satisfactions. To accomplish this, we draw upon the experience and expertise of our personnel by providing problem resolution tools for our Customers. These tool include aiding communication improvement, gap analyses, six sigma tools, root cause analysis, process mapping, decision making techniques, situation appraisals and coaching/counseling of employees.